Just To Be Me

by bdhesse

“None of these are right!” I cry as I throw the fifth dress onto the pile. “I don’t have anything to wear!”
“What are you talking about?” he asks as he stands behind me. “They all make you look beautiful.”
“I don’t want to be beautiful,” I reply as I sit down on the bed. “I just want to be me.”
“Why can’t you be you in any of those dresses?” he asks. I can hear the annouance creeping into his voice.
“You don’t understand,” I say quietly.
“Okay, well, we’re going to be late,” he says. “What do you want to wear?”
“I want to wear my dress pants, I reply. I’ve said it before, but he won’t listen.
“You can’t wear pants!” he cries. “This place is fancy. You need to dress like a lady.”
“I’m not a lady,” I reply.
He snorts. “Hurry up,” he says. “We’re running late.”
“Why don’t you just go without me?” I say.
He glares at me. “I can’t go alone!” he snaps. “What will people think?”
“You don’t care what I think,” I reply. “Why do you care what they think?”
He snarles at me. “Fine,” he says. “Stay here and mope. I’m leaving.” He storms off leaving me to stare at the pile of dresses.
“Those aren’t me,” I say to myself.