The Escape

by bdhesse

I pant heavily as I collapse to the ground behind the dumpster. I ran into this dark alley before the men chasing me had rounded the corner. The ground here is cold, hard gravel. The dumpster is behind an old red brick office building.
It’s too dark to see the colour now, but I’ve seen it often enough that I don’t need the light.
I stop panting as I hear the foot steps pounding the pavement nearby. The men are shouting, but I don’t know what.
I peak out in time to see a single figure pacing in front of the alley way.
“Shit!” the man yells loudly into the night.
A vehicle. A car, I think. Pulls up to the man. He climbs in and the vehicle takes off down the street.
I breathed a sigh of relief, then I stand up. I turn towards the office building. There is a window above the garbage. I climb on top of the giant metal can and through the office window.
I’m free.