My Story Inspiration

by bdhesse

It’s funny what kind of things can lead to story inspiration. My last story came from a funny insident last night. My partner’s computer has a bright blue light on it, and our computers stay in the bedroom. Last night, while we were trying to sleep, our kitten climbed onto the desk and was looking at the light. We could see his shadow projected onto the ceiling. It was adorable to see this giant kitten moving around. But it was also a bit creepy.
Most of my story ideas come from recent events and conversations that I’ve had. Reading about kids getting gunned down by racist cops, hearing about people being discriminated against because they’re trans*, talking to people on both sides of the feminism debate, etc. It’s all fodder fo stories. I’ve even gotten a couple from movies and shows, namely Supernatural. It’s a lot of fun to think of ways to turn these things into stories. Especially if you can get people looking through the eyes of someone who’s going through an experience that they’d never go through. I think it creates empathy. That was the whole point of my abortion story. I think too many people judge those who’ve gotten abortions without ever even considering what they’re going through.
Emotions are powerful things. I think they are one of the most important aspects of stories. The most difficult aspect for me is giving people enough description to get them feeling connected but not giving them so much detail that they can’t look through the character’s eyes.
My stories lately have been dark and brooding, but I think that is my favorite emotion to convey. I don’t know why, but it just flows so naturally for me. Even when I’m in a really good mood. I find happ and cheery kind of boring because, well, I don’t know why. It just doesn’t come as naturally to me. Which is funny because I’m a very happy person. But these dark stories have allowed me to experiment with a writing technique that I hadn’t tried before. So far I’ve had very good reactions. I hope my future stories are as successful