The Nightmare

by bdhesse

If we stay here long enough, the darkness doesn’t seem so bad. But first we have to stay here long enough.
I don’t think I can do it. The shadows are too much for me. I can see them shifting all around me like a creature coming out of the wall.
To my right I can see a clawed hand coming towards my shoulder as if to tear my skin away.
Above me the head lingures. It watches my every move as if to decide when best to strike.
To my left, the monster apears to be emerging from the wall itself. If I had to escape, I’d go that way. There is no arm to tear me and no head to watch me to the left.
I close my eyes and try to think happy thoughts, but no matter how hard I try it always goes back to the monster.
It wants to eat me. It hasn’t had human flesh in a long time. There are no humans in the shadow’s land, and it can only emerge from the walls when the light in the room is right. So now it’s hungry. And it’s watching me.
I can’t help it: I wimper a little. I know it’s not real, but between the darkness and my imagination it doesn’t have to be. I may just die of fright.
But when I open my eyes to peak, the monster is gone. I’ve finally been here long enough. I sigh my relief. Then I turn over and fall asleep.