by bdhesse

The whole world’s going to hell, I think as I look out the window.
I can see a robin land on a branch of the poplar tree in the park across the street. It’s too far away to tell that it’s a robin, but I know for a fact that it has a nest in that tree. I think there might even be some chicks.
The sky is blue and cloudless and the street is quiet. It’s a beautiful day out. It’s just too bad that my mood doesn’t match the scenery.
It’s all going to hell, I think again.
The news had been bleak. A riot had broken out in the city my sister lives in. Police raided my mother’s neighbors house the nght before. My brother is serving the military. Right now he’s in a war zone. I’m pretty sure there is a war zone here too. The people feel opressed. The police keep attacking people. Killing people. The government is sending the police after people they are supposed to protect.
I’ve heard word. The people have had enough. There are mass protests. Some people…they are talking about a total revolution. I’m scared. I’m scared of the changes to come. I’m more scared of what will happen if there are no changes.
The world is going to hell and I have only one question to ask myself: will I join the revolution?