A Beautiful Hike

by bdhesse

I am absolutely exhausted. I spent the day hiking in the mountains with my partner. We live in the foot hills of the Canadian Rockies, so going to the mountains is literally a day trip.

We went to a tourist city called Canmore to grab some water (we forgot ours at home) then went to one of the near by walking trails, Grassi Lakes. It was a very beautiful walk. The mountain that we went up has a wonderful view of the lake at the bottom after the first 15 minutes or so. As you get higher, you can see a dam with Canmore in the distance. Eventually you get to a few small waterfall, and, eventually, a fairly large one. If you keep going, there is a small bridge so that you can look down at the waterfall from above. And eventually you get to a beautiful, clear blue glacier lake.

Along the way, you walk through tall lodge-poll pines. The area around the trees is green. And even at this time of year there are wild flowers along the path. It is a gorgeous walk. And it is part of the reason why I love living where I live.