The Last Story is Submitted

by bdhesse

I finally submitted the last of the stories. So it is now back to the regular program. I will be busy all day tomorrow, so I may have to wait until Wednesday to post another story. However, I will try to fit something in.

I haven’t gotten very far with the screen writing idea yet, but now I should have some time to look into it. I’ll try to keep you guys informed as I learn. I’m also still reading Atlas Shrugged, so I’ll keep you informed as to how that is going as well. It’s not really a badly written story, but the characters…I hate them all. That, and it is weirdly pro-capitalism. It’s like it should be anti-free market, but it’s not. Anyway, I’ll say more about it later.

I’m starting the fall semester soon, so this week is all about preparing for classes. Tomorrow I will be taking my youngest cat to get his shots, then I’ll be going to my university to advertise both my clubs and my volunteer program, and then I’ll be doing some networking for my one club. I’m really looking forward to getting back to school. Oh, and my computer is fixed! Something to do with the start up was corrupted, so I had to but a new windows 7, but that’s better than having to buy a new computer. So basically, life is good right now.