The End

by bdhesse

The brightness of earlier today has disappeared. It had been a normal day: the sun was shinning, there were a few clouds in the sky, a light breeze blew the leaves on the trees, but that has all changed abruptly. A bright flash spread through the sky. Not here, I didn’t see it, but in the Southern Hemisphere lit up. It was on the news. In fact, it was all over the news. And now? Now the sky is black. It’s only 6pm, but it’s blacker than midnight on a stormy night. There is no light coming through the thick black clouds. And there is no more news to watch.
So now I’m standing outside my door looking up at the blackness above. It’s eerily peaceful. But It’s also terrifying. I have no idea what’s going on. There’s no TV, no radio, no internet. The power is out. It seems to be out everywhere. At least, it’s out everywhere that I can walk to. There’s no cell reception either.
“What do we do now?”” Frank, my next door neighbor, asks me over the fence.
I shrug. “Wait and see, I guess,” I reply. “This can’t last long.”
Frank snorts. “Yeah,” he says sarcastically, “the dinosaurs probably thought that too.
I stare at him. “What?” I ask, startled.
“You didn’t hear?” he asks. “They said it was an meteor.”
“A meteor?” I ask. “It caused all this?”
Frank nodded conspiratorially. “Yeah,” he says. “And now the world is ending.”
Now it’s my turn to snort. “Don’t be ridiculous,” I say. “The world didn’t end last time, just the dinosaurs did.”
Frank shrugged. “What’s the difference?” he asks. “Either way, we all die.”
“Not necessarily,” I reply. “The mammals lived last time. Maybe we can do it again. Or maybe this time isn’t as bad. Either way: I’m not just going to roll over and die.”
Frank turns away from me and starts walking back to his house. “Just wait until the fire comes,” he says as he walks away. “Then tell me you don’t want to roll over and die.”
I smirk to myself. Well, there’s nothing I can do right now. I guess I’ll head to bed early.