The Face

by bdhesse

The young girl staggered over to her mother, who was sitting with the other females by a shallow stream. Some of the older children played in the water nearby.
The girl flopped down in her mothers lap and began drinking the milk that her mother offered.
She drank quietly for awhile as she woke up. When she was full, she began to watch the other children play.
“Merph!” the said as she pointed at the laughing children.
Her mother pushed her hand down and grunted at her.
“Merph!” the girl said more forcefully.
The girls mother gave her two rocks to play with and went back to her task.
The girl played for a while, but she had no interest in the rocks. She soon grew bored and wondered off. She walked over to the edge of the stream and looked down at the clear water.
A face stared up at her.
Startled, the girl fell backwards into the dirt. Then she slowly got up and crawled back to the water. She peered more cautiously at the water this time.
The face seemed to be doing the same.
The girl grew bolder as the face seemed to be as worried about her as she was of it. She growled a warning at it/ just to be safe.
It growled back.
The girl threw herself backwards in fear. But she grew bold again and wandered back. Once again, the face appeared to be as concerned about her as she was of it. She reached out to tough the face.
It reached back at her.
The girl pulled her hand back, and the face did the same. She reached out and touched the offered finger. She felt only water.
Startled, the girl jumped into the water to try and touch the face.
But the face disappeared with the ripples the girl caused.
She tried to dig around for the face, or see where to had swam off to, but she found nothing.
Even more oddly, she found no space for the face to have hidden below the land. The girl stood in the stream, confused.
Then, as the water settled again, the face reappeared below the girl. It seemed to somehow be attached to her. She reached out and touched the face’s finger again.
“Meh?” she said, confused. The face not only seemed to be attached to her, it seemed to be her.
A dark shadow loomed over the stream.
The girl looked up to see her mother glaring down at her. She pointed at the face in the stream. “Meh?” she said.
Her mother looked down at the face and started. She grabber the girl quickly and dragged her out of the water. She growled deeply as she brought her daughter back to the safety of the land.