Dungeons and Dragons

by bdhesse

A friend of mine has decided to start a D&D campaign, so right now I’m trying to make my character. I’ve never played D&D before. As far as RPGs are concerned, I’ve only every played video games, so I’m a bit nervous. It seems like it’s quite complicated, and there’s a lot to remember.

I’ve decided to be a Half-Elf Swordmage. It’s fun to be able to create my character: I love determining looks and personality. But it’s quite annoying trying to develop the skills. Though this is only my first day to work on it.

Tomorrow my partner and I will be going over to our friend’s place with a few other people and we’ll be planning out the game, then we’ll be playing it every Sunday. I look forward to learning as I play, but I’m not really looking forward to being the noob.