Atlas Shrugged, D&D, and Screenwriting

by bdhesse

I feel like Atlas Shrugged could have easily ended with Dagny crossing the bridge on her train, and yet it’s still going. Now she’s trying to get a motor built for a new kind on Engine. She’s also found the missing philosopher. She’s still one of the few non-useless characters, and she still comes across as interested in nothing but money. Seriously, she turned a road trip with her new lover into a business trip, which led them to the new motor. Her lover also has a reputation for being cold and greedy. It’s quite annoying really.

In other news, my D&D campaign starts tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten my character finished. I honestly don’t know what I want my character to be. I can’t even pick a bloody gender. I guess I’ll just make it up as I go along.

As far as screenwriting goes, I’ve ordered some books. I found the Screenwriting Bible on the chapters website, which I’ve heard is really good. Hopefully they’ll come soon and I can start practicing. They aren’t due to arrive until October though, which I find a bit sad.