Once Upon A Time

by bdhesse

My partner and I came across a very interesting card game the other day. It’s called Once Upon A Time. The game gives you cards based on common elements of fairy tales. You have to use the cards to create a story. It is actually quite difficult because you have to be very good at thinking on your feet. I would suggest purchasing this game if you want to improve your story telling abilities, or if you are trying to foster creative thinking and reading and writing skills in your children (or siblings/cousins/nieces/nephews).

To go a bit more into how the game works, you begin with two to six players. Each player gets an ending card and a number of story cards. The goal is to play all your story cards so you can play your ending. If you lose your turn, you have to pick up another story card. If your ending doesn’t work for the story, then you discard it and pick up another story card and a new ending. The story has to make sense and the cards you play have to be relevant to the plot.

It sounds easy, but it’s really easy to get lost, or t just have no idea how to use your cards. You only have 5 seconds to play a card, so you really have to think fast. But it’s a great game: you can make up the story however you want, so you can be as traditional or as non-conforming as you want. It’s also really fun to see what the other players come up with. And any age can play (though reading is a requirement, but it says nothing about not playing in pairs 😉 ).