Uncanny Valley

by bdhesse

I’ve been thinking a lot about uncanny valley lately. Well, that and just weirdness in general. It’s funny how the little things can be far more irritating and problematic to us than the big things. Giant aliens with long, smooth black heads and sharp teeth are creepy, but a perfectly human looking creature that doesn’t emote properly (as humans are used to) is far more unsettling. Why is this? Is it because the unknown is just too difficult for us to properly understand? Or is it simply because we expect more of the second one so it breaks our understanding more?

I’ve heard a lot that you’re supposed to avoid uncanny valley whenever possible, but some people use it quite effectively as yet another story telling tool. So when should you use uncanny valley? And who would you say uses it well?

What kinds of weirdness do you like in film? What kinds do you hate? Personally, I’m a fan of weird.