Who Will I Be Reading To My Children

by bdhesse

I’m not yet at that stage yet where I’m ready for children, nonetheless I enjoy thinking about which authors I will read to them and why. I’ve decided that I will not let my children grow up without reading Tamora Peirce, Mercedes Lackey, and J.K. Rowling to them. I intend to begin reading Tamora Peirce’s Tortal series’ to them when they’re four. It will probably be a bit too advanced for them, but I don’t want them starting kindergarten without my having begun reading those books. Why? Because I want both my boys and my girls to view girls as equally capable of being strong before they get brainwashed into thinking that only boys can run fast and play sports. Once I’ve finished those books, I want to read the Harry Potter series with them. That series does an amazing job at creating empathy, and it deals quite effectively with the problem of bullying. I then want to return to Tamora Pierce and her Circle series’. Again, I want them to see that boys and girls are equally capable of doing things, but this time in a different way. I also want them to be introduced to some LGBT characters early on (though the Lioness Quartet deals with gender issues quite effectively). I want to finish with Mercedes Lackey’s books because they are by far the most advanced. But Lackey has amazing female characters (and male ones), and I think her books will build on the lessons learned from Pierce’s books. I intend to read these books to my children between the ages of 4 and 12. I’m hoping they will re-read them on their own after that.

My partner wants to read Niel Gaiman to our children. I think his books would be great for encouraging creative thinking. I also think his stories have some good lessons for children. He touches on selfishness in a few of his stories, and I think the weirdness in them will help kids deal with fear more effectively.

Who do you plan to read to your kids? Or who have you read to them? And why?