by bdhesse

Today was an unexpectedly successful day. I got 4 pages written (about 1000 words) for my screenplay. I managed to figure out how I’m going to write it, so I was able to write quite a bit. For those of you interested in hints related to screenwriting, I’d suggest writing out your dialog first, then worry about the details in the story, and then make sure you have everything in the proper order and written out correctly. That’s my plan, and it’s making things easier already.

I was also able to write the outlines fora few short stories, so not I can write them down and have something ready for those competitions. I’m hoping to come up with a few more ideas for magazines, then I’ll try to write a few more stories here. I also plan to edit my book again on the weekends. I’d like to try and get it published soon.

I’m also over halfway done Atlas Shrugged. Actually, I’m well past the halfway point. A few more days and I’ll be ready to write that scholarship. I think I know what I’m going to write too. Hopefully I’ll get that scholarship.