Left Behind

by bdhesse

I just went to the movie Left Behind and I have to say it was horrible. It was based off an old book series that is basically Evangelical Christian propaganda, so I didn’t expect it to be written very well. However, the person who made the script could have done a better job with the script. The lines were awkward and there was a lot of useless scenes. It could have been an hour and a half long rather than two hours easily. There was also too much shifting between characters for any of them to be very sympathetic. I have to say, I really didn’t care about any of them.

Add the music to the poor writing and the movie gets that much worse. All of the music was the worst possible Christian music they could find. The sound track sounded like it came straight out of the 90’s. I understand that they wanted to use Christian music, but they really should have found better music. They also should have made the music match the scenes better. The movie was about the end times, but the music made it sound like we were watching a coming of age story. It was hopeful and happy, but we were watching mothers scream and cry about their children being missing. We were watching a story about people who had not been saved. The music should have been deeper, lower, and more like a warning.

For those of you planning to see this movie, I’d suggest just watching the Kirk Cameron version. It’s about as good.