A Few Responces From Some Literary Magazines

by bdhesse

Back in August and September I wrote some stories to send in to various competitions. I have received the first two responses this week. Both stories were rejected, but I have never felt so happy to receive a rejection letter.

The first rejection I received was expected. The competition I sent it in to is notorious for being very competitive. I chose that magazine because they are known for publishing new authors, but I knew that the competition would be tough. That rejection letter was just a generic one, but it wasn’t unexpected.

The next rejection letter was also expected, but that was the one that I’m happy about. It was not a generic rejection letter. It was more personal. And they invited me to send in more stories. I haven’t written in to very many competitions so far, but everything that I have read so far has told me that that letter is a good sign. And I definitely expect to send in more stories to that magazine. Hopefully next time I’ll do better.

I’m still waiting on quite a few more responses though. Who knows: maybe one will be an acceptance letter.