Some Questions For My Readers

by bdhesse

I haven’t been able to focus as much time as I would like on this blog for the last few months (Ah, the joys of university). However, it is almost time for the winter break. As such, I would like to follow up with everybody in order to figure out how to make the most of the winter break. If you are willing, please answer my questions in the comment section.
1) What genre(s) do prefer to read?
2) What genre(s) do you prefer to write?
3) What attracts you to a writing blog?
4) How long or short do you prefer stories on blogs to be?
5) What do you consider good writing?
6) What would attract you to a character?
7) What would you consider to be the best writing advice?
8) What is your favorite writing podcast?
9) What is your favorite book on writing?
10) What is you favorite website on writing?
11) How often do you write?
12) What is your opinion of NaNoWriMo?
13) What is your opinion of writing contests?
14) What is your opinion of Writer/Media/Entertainment Cons?
15) What Cons have you been to?
16) Do you have any story requests for me?
17) Do you have any non-story related post requests for me?