The Blizzard Walk

by bdhesse

It’s blizzarding where I live. Luckily it’s Friday and I can hibernate inside all weekend. I guess that makes this as good a time as any to write a story.

This was a terrible idea, I think as I try to walk more quickly down the slippery sidewalk. I lean into the wind a bit more to try and fight the wind better, for it is the wind that is preventing me from getting home any faster and not the slick ice under the fresh snow covering the entire surface of the sidewalk.
I gasp as a gust of wind sends snow whipping across my face. It probably wouldn’t feel like little needles stabbing my cheek if I wasn’t already so cold. But the pain is enough to make my eyes water. Or maybe it was the wind, which blew my hood off and exposed my ears and neck to the cold.
I quickly pull my hood back up and grab it tight around my throat. I only live two blocks away from my school. It’s normally a ten minute walk, but I’m sure I’ve been out here for half an hour, and I think I’m only half way home. I can’t be sure, because visibility is bad, but I think I just passed one of the sorority houses near campus.
I sigh and resign myself to my fate.
I need a distraction, I think. Oh the weather outside is frightful…I stop suddenly and look around.
Great, I think as I realize I just passed my own house.
I turn around and trudge up the too long path to my front door. I quickly shed most of my layers as I stand in the warm entry way of my tiny home. Finally, some actual warmth.