My Writing Manifesto

by bdhesse

It is my intention to be a published author. As a published author, I want to be remembered through my work. I want people to read my books long into the future. I want my great-great-grandchildren to know me through the books I have written. Writing takes a lot of time and effort. I am willing to do what it takes to get published. I am willing to write in my spare time. I’m willing to attend conferences and writing workshops. I’m willing to study the art of writing. I’m willing to write my novels from beginning to end, and have them edited, and fix them repeatedly. I’m willing to send out a ton of inquiries and receive the rejection letters. But most importantly, I’m willing to feed my passion. But what do I plan to do when I get published? I plan to write a lot. I plan to publish as many books as I can, and make my living as a writer. I intend for writing to be my full time career.
Writing is not performed in a void. I will need to write whenever possible. I must read when not writing. My fiction writing shouldn’t sound like writing. I must show and not tell. If it is possible to eliminate a word, I must do so. Trust the opinions of my readers: they can help my work improve. Write the story as it needs to be written. I must finish writing what I start. Grammar matters. I must avoid passive writing.