Romance in Writing

by bdhesse

I am terrible at romance. I am not a romantic person. My fiance and I have never celebrated Valentines day, and last year we both forgot about our anniversary until a week later. Which just reminded me that it’s at the end of this month…and I’ll probably still forget about it (you think it would be easy to remember an anniversary when it’s two days after Christmas, but it’s not).

Most of my problems stem from the fact that I really don’t care. I don’t go gooey inside when I see a couple cuddle. My heart doesn’t melt at the sight of two people flirting. I don’t like romance in stories, unless it’s very much in the background. In fact, I usually get annoyed at the romance in my books because it’s a distraction from the main story line. But human relationships are important to stories. And people (other people) like romance. As such, I do try to add some level of romance in certain stories. But it always seems so awkward.

For those of you who actually like romance, what do you find makes for a good scene? What is important in a romantic scene? And what do you absolutely hate reading in a romantic scene?