Interstellar Hunger Games

by bdhesse

I haven’t been to a movie since the summer, so my fiance and I went to Interstellar yesterday and the new Hunger Games movie today. Both were awesome.

Interstellar has been out for a while. When we went, we nearly had the theater to ourselves. But the movie was excellent. The story was actually fairly believable. The characters were great too. The basic premise was that humans had created a world-wide monoculture on Earth, So a dust bowl had been created across the planet and all the crops wee failing. A mass starvation was started and everything was put on hold in order to focus on food production.

In this world, NASA is an underground organization attempting to save humanity. They send a group of astronauts into space on a mission to find a new home. Meanwhile, scientists on Earth try to find a way to get as many humans off Earth as possible.

If you haven’t seen Interstellar yet, go see it. It was awesome.

Today we saw Mocking Jay, which was a pleasant surprise. We weren’t going to go see this one. We are a little skeptical of this habit of splitting the last book in all these series into two movies. However, with Mocking Jay, it has so far been well deserved. I haven’t read the whole book series yet, but I’m looking forward to finishing it now. I doubt I really have to encourage anyone to see this movie, since it’s kind of a big deal, but you should totally go see this movie.