30 Day Witing Challenge: Day 6

by bdhesse

Day 6 —Write about a person who would buy all of those items in Day 5.
If you recall, I wasn’t able to come up with any items, so I’ll just make something up.
“What do we need again?” I ask.
“Eggs, milk, flour, and vanilla for the pancakes,” he replies. “Some juice to go with it. Enough for 10 of us. And I want to see about picking up some split chicken wings for supper. We’re getting low on honey garlic sauce, so we should pick some up.”
“Okay,” I say. “But we should probably grab some fruits and vegetables too.”
“I thought we could do some potatoes and carrots with the wings,” he say. “And the juice should be good enough for the pancakes.”
I look over at him. “What if somebody wants fruit on their pancakes?” I ask. “Besides, juice isn’t really that healthy. At least fruit adds something healthy.”
He shrugs. “Fine,” he replies. “I don’t understand why this has to be an all day thing, though.”
I roll my eyes. He’s been complaining about this even for weeks. “Because we don’t know when we’ll see them all again,” I reply. “We’re moving, Hayden’s moving, John and Carey are moving, Nikki and Anna are leaving to do some travelling, as is Keith. Only Chase and Taylor are staying here.”
He sighs. “Everything is changing,” he says forlornly.
“Yeah,” I reply. “I kinda wish none of us graduated. But we did and now we need a bigger home. And I guess we all needed bigger lives too.”
He snorts. “I didn’t,” he says. “I liked things how they were.”
I roll my eyes again. “You can’t stay a 22 year old university student forever,” I say.
“I should be able to,” he says jokingly.
“Yeah,” I reply. “And I should be able to be J.K. Rowling-level famous already.”
“Well, why aren’t you?” he teases.
“Because life hates me,” I say melodramatically.
He laughs. “Come on,” he says. “Let’s go pay for everything.”