30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

by bdhesse

Day 8 —Tell your life story from someone else’s point of view.
Just as every other day, today many of my creations will enter the world. Some of them already have. Among them was a tiny child, all of five pounds. She was born without tears and without screams. This baby isn’t obviously the most healthy: yellowed with jaundice and tiny as she is, but she is by far the calmest. At least, she is at that hospital.
This child is destined to have an interesting life. She will be loved by her parents and her family. Eventually she will have a little brother who will look up to her. She will be a quiet child, but she make friends easily. She won’t get into trouble much, and she will always defend her friends. But she will never quite feel as though she belongs. She will never quiet be like the other girls, indeed, she will not always want to be a girl. She will wonder why this is. She will question why is is different. She will worry that she is a freak. Others will worry too. But they do not realize that this is who she is meant to be.
She will be a loyal follower of mine for a time, but she will leave me before she has entered adulthood. Any will condemn her for this, but she will not waver in her conviction. She will be the analytical sort. She will think everything over carefully, and she will demand evidence before she is willing to form beliefs. This will lead her away from me. But while others will condemn her for this, I will not. She will always help others. She will always try to be a good person. And she will usually succeed.
She will not always see eye to eye with her family. She will be a bit of a black sheep. This child will defy gender roles in a family that believes in the traditional gender roles. She will care more about politics than her family does, and she will fall on the other side of the political spectrum. She will be an atheist in a family of Christians. And she will achieve a university degree before anyone else in her family. She will care about issues that her family doesn’t agree with, and even cause them to worry about who she is becoming. But they need not fear. She will always be the person that they know her to be. The person they love and who loves them.
This child will have an interesting life. But it will be a good life.