30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 11

by bdhesse

Day 11—What was your first childhood pet? Describe it in detail.
I’m not sure if this is referring to the first pet my family had in my childhood or the first pet of my own that I had, so I’ll answer for both.
When I was born, my parents already had two dogs. One was named Magoo. I don’t know what type of dog he was, but he was a medium sized dog with black, curly fur. My parents got rid of him before I was a year old because he was jealous of me. The other dog was a big black lab. Her name was Sheeba and she gave birth to a litter of puppies on the same day I was born. My parents hadn’t even known she was pregnant. She ran away when I was about 5 and we never did find her.
The first pet of my own was a guinea pig. I got her for my 8th birthday and named her Q.T. (I don’t remember what that stood for). She had short, black fur. She didn’t live very long. I suspect she wasn’t very healthy when we got her.
I’m an animal lover, so I’ve had a lot of pets. Over my life I’ve had 5 dogs, 4 cats (2 of which we had to give away shortly after we got them because we discovered that my brother was allergic), 2 gerbils, 1 guinea pig, 3 hamsters, 1 salamander, and too many fish to count. We usually had at least two pets at a time.