30 Day Writing Challage: Day 13

by bdhesse

Day 13 —Write about a random picture you would find in an envelope of finished prints at Costco.
“Hey!” I shout after the man as he begins to walk through the exit. “Sir! Your pictures.” The man leaves before I can stop him. A few people stare at me, but most of the people around ignore the commotion.
I sigh and walk over to the envelope lying on the ground. Luckily no one has stepped on it yet. As I pick the envelope up, I notice that one of the photos has fallen out. I pick it up too. I can’t help but stare at the photo.
The face must have been very close to the camera. Either that, or the camera was zoomed in. A lot. I can see the persons eyes. A bright hazel colour. The eyes are smiling at me from the photo. The lips on the face are a bright red colour. Not the colour of a lipstick, but a natural red. The person’s mouth is open like they were talking to someone. The mouth seemed to be saying “I’m so happy to see you.” The face was a very pale white. The person had a very clear completion. They looked very average, but the joy on that face is infectious. I feel my own mouth twitching into a smile. I don’t know this person, but I feel attracted to them. Like a good friend.
I smile to myself and put the photo back into the envelope. I walk the package back t the photo desk.
“Excuse me,” I say to the lady behind the desk. “I just saw a man drop this.” I hand her the envelope.
She thanks me and takes the envelope. I hurry off.