30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 21

by bdhesse

Day 21 —Find a job ad in the paper. Write about your life if you had that job.
Yoga and Personal Fitness Instructor
If I had this job I’d be very fit. I’d have to be. I also probably would have started years ago, since it wouldn’t take me more than four years to get my degree. I’d work at a local gym or community center. I don’t know if I’d work five days a week, but I doubt it. I’d probably only work 6 hour days. I think I’d enjoy the personal fitness part of the job since I was very much into working out years ago. I never really liked yoga though, so it’d probably be something I did for the money more than anything else.
I also probably would still be living in the city I lived in as a teenager, since I wouldn’t have needed to move to my current city. Either that, or I would have moved back to the city I grew up in. I’d probably be living in an apartment. I certainly wouldn’t have my current fiance. If I did have a partner, they’d probably be a jock. I doubt I’d be in a serious relationship with them, since I prefer brains to brawn.
I probably wouldn’t blog or write, since those both came about due to my current partner. I also probably wouldn’t know as much as I do now, since I wouldn’t have formal training in anything intellectual, but I would likely read a lot more since I’ve always been interested in learning. I also would probably have bought into the whole organics craze.
I’d probably already have kids, but I doubt I’d be with their father. I’d have kids because I want them and I’d have a full time job, but I wouldn’t be with their father because the people I’d always be around wouldn’t be the intellectual type.
I think if I had this job, I’d probably feel like I was missing out on something. Like I could have done more with my life. I like working out, but I’m more of the intellectual life. I don’t think I’d be satisfied with my choices. Especially if I was a yoga instructor. I’m glad I’m in the position I’m in today.