What Situations are Feminist Issues?

by bdhesse

Here is my latest survey in the Feminist series: http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=xxiz033c05yo72v472614. This survey is by far the longest, but it looks at various situations with the intention of trying to figure out what issues are thought to be Feminist issues. Please help me out by doing and sharing this survey. But please be aware that it discusses rape and abortion. I will be writing up another survey similar to this one in about a week.

Here is an update on how my other Feminism surveys are doing:

http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=i8d3kq6z73ems49471695 – 7%
http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=4p48z0rwjwooxpf471689 – 6%
http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=r4t8nurh0tyxvqt470762 -10%

If you haven’t done any of these ones, please help me out by doing them. And please share them.