The Shadow

by bdhesse


The shadow follows me wherever I go. It’s always there, waiting. It’s always just out of my line of sight. I can catch glimpses of it, but, when I try to look at it, it’s gone.

The shadow is a devious creature. It likes to cause pain. It is truly a creature of the dark. And some days it’s more active than others. Today the shadow hid my keys and moved a table to that I would stub my toe. Last week it killed my car battery while I was at work. I had to wait an hour for the tow truck to arrive.

I’m not sure what the shadow has planned next. It may be something small, like hiding my slippers again. But it may be something huge, like trying to drop another air conditioner on my head. Maybe the next time it tries to kill me, it will succeed. Or maybe it likes tormenting me so much that it will never try to kill me again.

The shadow is a devious creature. It causes pain and misery whenever it can. It is always there, waiting. It is always ready to strike. I just hope the next time it strikes isn’t the last.