by bdhesse

As far as vampires go, Benny was pretty pathetic. Of course he avoided sunlight like the plague and he avoided anything that even moderately resembled a wooden stake, but he failed at every attempt at doing the cool vampire things.

His bat form was too small by vampire standards. He was more like one of those adorable little lesser false vampire bats than he was like one of the common vampire bat. Not that anybody really knows the difference. He was tiny and scrawny, not burly and beautiful. He was without the wiry muscles and the pale, flawless skin. Well, his skin was pale, but certainly not flawless. He looked far more like the teenage dork he once was than he looked like the flawless beauties that vampires were supposed to be. Women didn’t flock to him. He actually had to hunt for his victims, which was hard, being as he lacked the muscles to fight effectively. Heck, the last time Benny tried to throw somebody, he threw out his back and was bed-ridden for a week.

Yup, Benny was truly the most pathetic vampire in existence. He sometimes wondered why his master chose to turn him. Maybe it was a move of desperation? Maybe he thought he saw potential that wasn’t there?

Benny sighed as he contemplated the many reasons why his master might have made such a foolish mistake.