What is Strength?

by bdhesse


What is strength?
This is a question I ask myself often.
What is strength?
I try to be strong. I try to show the world how strong I am. But I really don’t know what the word means.
Am I strong when hide my pain? When I bite back on my tears no matter how much I hurt?
Am I strong when push down my fear and do what scares me?
Am I strong when I fight back?
What is strength?
I’m told I’m strong when I do what’s right no matter how hard it is. But what is right?
I’m told I’m strong when I fight for what I believe in, but should I fight for my beliefs even if they might be wrong?
I’m told I’m strong when I don’t show my pain. But I’m told that I’m strong when I show it too.
What is strength?
When am I truly being strong?
And why does strength matter? What is so special about strength?
Does my worth change when I show that I am weak?
Do I loss my trust-worthiness because I dare to admit that I might be wrong?
If I’m too scared to fight back, does it become my fault?
What is so special about strength? Why do I always have to show it?
And what is strength?