The Boy in the Woods: Part 2

by bdhesse

Michael put the empty dishes in a washing bucket. Then he walked over to the tackle box. “Do you mind if I clean my gear?” he asked Bristol.
Bristol blinked. “Um…no,” she said. “Go right ahead.”
“Okay,” Michael replied. He opened the tackle box and began to pull out the equipment he had used.
As he dug through the box, the purple stone began to glow again.
“What is that?” Bristol asked as the glow filled the room.
“I’m not sure,” Michael said as he pulled the stone out. “I think maybe my grandpa used it to protect his stuff.”
Bristol gasped as the glow dimmed and she got a clear view of the stone. “You don’t know what that is?” Bristol asked him.
Michael shrugged. “Should I?” he asked.
Bristol nodded. “That is some powerful magic,” she said. “It’s called a wishing stone. There are only about 20 of them in the world. If you have one, you’ll have good luck. But the more you collect, the more your dreams will come true. According to legend, with all 20 you can even bring the dead back to life.”
Michael looked at Bristol with wide eyes. “You mean…like zombies?” he asked.
“What?” Bristol said. “No. Like actually back to life. Like they never died.”
“Oh,” Michael replied. “But why would I want to do that?”
Bristol shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve been trying to find one to study. Can I trade you for that?”
Michael shook his head. “No way,” he said. “It was my grandpa’s. You can’t have my grandpa’s stuff. Besides, it didn’t keep hi from getting sick and dying.”
“Oh, come on kid,” Bristol said. “I’ll give you whatever you want. I’ll take you to see the city. You want to see the city, don’t you?”
Michael shrugged. “What’s in the city?” he asked.
Bristol thought for a moment. “Well, I doubt you’d find shopping very interesting,” she mused. “What about movies? Have you ever been to a theater?”
Michael shook his head. “What’s it for?” he asked.
“Entertainment,” Bristol replied. “It’s moving pictures on a screen.”
Michael blinked. “Is there fighting?” he asked.
Bristol laughed. “You really like this fighting business, don’t you?” she said.
Michael nodded. “My grandpa said when I got good enough he’d let me compete in a tournament.”
“Like a martial arts tournament?” Bristol asked. “I know there are martial arts classes in the city. We probably have tournaments too.”
“I can learn to fight in the city?” Michael asked.
“Yup,” Bristol replied.
“Cool,” Michael said. “Let’s go!”
“So you’ll give me the stone?” Bristol asked.
“I’ll let you borrow it, but you have to promise not to lose it,” Michael said.
“Deal,” Bristol replied. “And we’ll try to find more of the stones too. That way I can study them and you can keep yours.”
“Okay,” Michael said happily. “I guess we should go to bed. We’ll have a long walk tomorrow.”
Bristol sighed. “Yeah,” she said. “And I wore the wrong shoes.”