The Boy in the Woods: Part 4

by bdhesse


“Wow!” Michael said as he entered the tent. “This place is bigger than my home.”
Bristol giggled. “You’ve gotta love science,” she said.
“Why?” Michael asked.
“Well…because science made this place possible,” Bristol replied.
“I thought you said it was science and magic,” Michael replied.
“It is,” Bristol said. “But I couldn’t do this without science. Few people could.”
Michael looked around the tent. It had two separate bedrooms and an indoor bathroom. It eve had a kitchen complete with a dining room set.
“I don’t suppose this place came with food,” Michael said as his stomach growled.
“Sorry kid,” Bristol said. “We haven’t gotten that far yet.”
Michael shrugged. “That’s okay,” he said. “I’m used to gathering my own food anyway. I’ll go find us something.” He began to walk towards the door.
“Wait!” Bristol cried. “What about the dragons?”
Michael shrugged. “I’m not worried,” he said. “I should be safe under the protection of the trees.”
“Well…what should I do?” Bristol asked.
“Um…get some water for a bath?” Michael suggested.
Bristol smelled her self and cringed. “That sounds like a great idea,” she said. “I just with I’d thought to bring a change of clothes.”
Michael left the tent to hunt while Bristol began figuring out how she was going to get water into the tent’s tub. He walked through the trees looking for something he could kill with the dagger he’d brought from home.
“There’s nothing but small birds around here,” he complained as he walked.
He moved into a clearing. As he walked through the space, a large shadow moved overhead. Michael looked up to see what had made the shadow. At first he thought it was another dragon, but it was too small to be even a young dragon.
“It must be a large bird,” Michael said to himself. He hurried in the direction the bird was going, hoping to catch it as it landed.
As he rushed in the general direction of the bird, he came across a cliff. “Shoot,” he said, afraid that the bird would get away.
As Michael stood there, he saw what he had taken for a bird fly over head. It wasn’t a bird, but what appeared to be a flying car.
“What the?” Michael said in shock.
The vehicle landed in the valley below and Michael saw a short, balding man and a tall, thin woman step out of it.
The man screeched as he stepped on something that crunched below his feet. “Let’s get out of here,” he cried.
“We have to check it out first,” the woman replied coldly. They bickered a bit, too quietly for Michael to hear. Then they began moving towards to cliff face.
“What is that?” the man said in a high-pitched squeal.
“I don’t know,” the woman replied. “Let’s go.”
A growl filled the air behind Michael. He turned around to see five wolves coming towards him.
“Back off!” he yelled at them.
The first wolf rushed at him. Michael jumped to the side and stuck his dagger into the wolf’s rib cage. It yelped and fell over.
The next wolf tried to circle Michael. Michael let it get close to the cliff and kicked at it. The wolf jumped backwards, falling down the side of the cliff. The remaining three wolves seemed to decide he wasn’t worth the trouble and ran off.
Michael walked over to the downed wolf. “I guess you’re supper,” he told it. He slit the wolf’s throat to end its suffering.
“Did you see that?” Michael heard the man below say. “That kid just took on a pack of wolves.”
“He must be a spy,” the woman replied. “Let’s get out of here.”
Michael watched as the climbed back into their flying car and flew off.
“What’s there problem?” he wondered as he began dragging the dead wolf back to the tent.