The Boy in the Woods: Part 10

by bdhesse


“Are you sure you have to leave?” Pakuna asked Michael as they walked to the edge of the town. “You could stay for a few more days.”
“I wish we could,” Michael replied. “But Bristol’s impatient. She wants to get that white stone back to Master Raiden immediately.”
“It’s kinda funny that the same man who stole that stone stole the girls too, huh?” Pakuna said.
Michael nodded. “And it was even better that he left it sitting in the open,” he added. “Bristol saw it as soon as he dragged her into the room.”
“What are you guys going to do with Oda?” Pakuna asked.
“I don’t know,” Michael said. “Bristol said she has some plans for him, but I don’t know what they could possibly be.”
Pakuna shrugged. “At least he won’t be here,” she said.
“I agree,” Michael said. “He won’t be able to terrorize you any more.”
“Michael!” Bristol called. “Hurry up!”
Michael rolled his eyes before running to meet Bristol.
“It’s about time,” Bristol said.
“Yeah, yeah,” Michael replied.
“Come on,” Bristol said. “Let’s get the stone back to Raiden.”
“What about him?” Michael asked, pointing to Oda.
“He might come in use,” Bristol replied.
“I’ll kill you in your sleep,” Oda spat.
“Just try it,” Bristol replied.
Michael stuck his tongue out at the man.
“Don’t think you’re powers can withstand mine, boy,” Oda said. “I’ve been at this a lot longer than you have.”
“Whatever,” Michael replied.
Bristol yanked on the rope attached to Oda’s collar. The man yanked back nearly pulling Bristol over. She gave the rope to Michael.
“Drag him if you have to,” she told the boy. Michael did just that.