The Boy in the Woods: Part 12

by bdhesse


“Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” Michael asked Bristol.
“I don’t know,” Bristol replied. “I can’t find that map anywhere.”
“What do you mean you can’t find the map?” Michael demanded. “We’ve been walking for days. Shouldn’t we be in the city by now? And was there supposed to be a desert between Master Raider’s and the city?”
“I don’t know!” Bristol cried. “I’ve never been to Master Raiden’s before, have I?”
Oda chuckled. “There are probably worse fates than dying in the desert, but I can’t seem to think of what they are,” he said mockingly.
Bristol glared at their captive. “If we die, you die with us,” she snapped.
“You’d think so,” Oda said. “But, unlike you, I know this desert.”
“Then help us get through it,” Bristol said. “You may be able to make your way out safely while free, but I doubt you could do it while tied up.”
Oda chuckled again. “And what’s to stop me from leading you somewhere…more friendly to the likes of me?” he asked her.
Michael kicked the back of Oda’s knee, making him collapse to the ground. Michael stood over him, glaring. “If you do, I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp,” he said. “And I’ll do the same to all the friends you probably don’t have.”
Oda grinned at Michael. “I don’t doubt you will,” he said. “Don’t worry children: we’re going the right way.”
“He’s lying,” Michael said to Bristol.
“Maybe,” Bristol replied. “We’ll see soon enough.”