The Boy in the Woods: Part 13

by bdhesse


Bristol collapsed to the ground. “It’s so hot out here,” she complained. “How much longer do we have to go?”
“What’s wrong little girl?” Oda said mockingly. “Is this too hard for your delicate sensibilities?”
“No!” Bristol said as she rose. “Let’s go.” She marched forward with Michael dragging Oda behind her.
The sound of a motorcycle made the three turn around. Two motorcycles sped towards them. The figures on the motorcycles were clothed in black leather with black helmets covering their faces.
“Who could wear so much black in this climate?” Bristol said.
“Thieves,” Oda replied.
“What do you mean?” Michael asked.
“Are you stupid, boy?” Oda cried. “They are thieves! They hang out in the desert and they rob people!”
Michael blinked up at Oda. “Really?” he asked.
Bristol’s eyes went wide. “Oh my god!” she cried. “What do we do? Should we run? Should we hide?”
“Hide where?” Oda snapped. “Do you see any hiding places? And do you actually think you can outrun a motorcycle?”
“Well them what are we going to do?” Bristol cried.
“We’re going to give them everything we have!” Oda said. “Unless you have a better idea.”
“I’ll fight them,” Michael said.
“What?” Oda snapped. “They have guns, boy!”
“So I’ll disarm them,” Michael replied.
“You really are stupid, aren’t you?” Oda cried.
“I’m not stupid,” Michael said. “I’m just stronger than them.”
Oda glowered at Michael. “Fine!” he cried. “I’ll help.”
“You…you will?” Bristol said.
Oda looked at her. “I’m not going to let this little idiot get me killed!” he cried.
Oda stood up beside Michael. “When they get close, I’ll stop their bikes,” he told the boy. “When they hit the ground, strike quickly.”
Michael nodded.
The bikes were getting close now. Oda stood up tall and aimed his still-bound hands at the bikes. When they were close enough to begin circling the three, Oda reached out towards the nearest bike. It seemed to stop moving immediately, then he pulled the bike quickly towards them. It cluttered to the ground in front of Michael with the rider tumbling off. Oda then aimed at the second biker, who now had his helmet off.
A tall, dark man stood beside his bike with a gun aimed at Oda. “Do you think your abilities can stop a bullet?” the man said.
“No,” Oda replied. “Why do you think I’d so much as let you shoot?” He threw his hands out and pulled the gun away from the man with his mind. The man looked momentarily shocked, then grinned.
“Never mind,” he said. “I don’t need a gun to defeat you.” He took up a fighting stance.
“Michael?” Oda said.
“One moment,” Michael replied. He took the helmet off the second biker, a pale woman, and punched her across the face, knocking her out. “I don’t want to hit anyone when they’re down, but this way I only have one person to deal with.”
“You little punk!” the man cried. “Why would you do that to her.”
Michael looked up at the screaming man. “I already told you,” he said.
“I’ll kill you!” the man screamed.
Michael looked the man up and down. “I highly doubt that,” he said.
The man charged at Michael. When he got close, he threw his weight forward with a powerful punch. Michael side-stepped and kicked the back of the man’s leg as he passed. The man flew forward, tumbling to the ground. As he hit the ground, Michael came up behind him and knocked him hard on the head. The man collapsed.
“Let’s go,” Michael told his companions.
Bristol was looking the bikes over. “Oda, can you reverse whatever you did to the bike?” she said.
“Of course,” Oda said. “How stupid do you think I am?”
Bristol rolled her eyes. “If you can drive a motorcycle, we can use them to get out of here,” she replied. “Then we can lose these bandits and this desert.”
Oda thought for a moment. “Not bad, kid,” he said. “I take it you can drive one?”
Bristol nodded.
“Very well,” Oda replied. He took his spell off of the one bike and hopped on. Michael hopped up behind him. Bristol climbed onto the second bike.
“Let’s get out of here,” she said.