The Boy in the Woods: Part 14

by bdhesse


“How on Earth did you get this thing?” Bristol asked Oda. She looked around the two-story cabin with interest. Oda had had a clothe cube much like Bristol’s, but, instead of expanding into a tent, in expanded into a cabin.
“Why should I tell you?” Oda replied. As he sat down on the couch in the tiny livingroom.
Michael walked into the kitchen and started to rummage through the already full refrigerator.
“Fine,” Bristol snapped as she came into the livingroom. “I was just asking.”
“Mind your business, stupid girl,” Oda snapped back.
“Why are you fighting?” Michael asked from the kitchen. “I thought we were friends now.”
Bristol looked over at Michael. “Just because he helped us, doesn’t mean I have to like him,” she said. “He’s a rapist. He doesn’t respect women.”
Oda snorted. “I respect women plenty,” he said. “I respect their bodies, their beauty, and their feminine virtues. I don’t however, respect you: you’re no lady.”
“In other words, you’re a misogynistic pig you thinks women are only meant to be objects for your enjoyment,” Bristol said.
“Don’t be stupid,” Oda cried. “Women have their place, and men have theirs. It’s not my fault I recognize the beauty of a women.”
Bristol stuck her tongue out at Oda. “You don’t want women to be your equal,” she said. “It hurts your male ego.”
“What are you guys fighting about?” Michael asked as he sat down next to Oda. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He began to eat the sandwich he had made.
Oda looked at Michael carefully. “Let me tell you about women,” he said. “They’re emotional. They take everything personal. Especially when they’re Bristols age. A good woman knows her place: in the home taking care of her family. Bristol hasn’t learned that yet. Given the type of influnece she’s had, she may never get a husband.”
“I don’t want a husband!” Bristol screamed. “Come on, Michael. Let’s go get cleaned up.” She took Michaels hand and pulled him up the stairs to the bathroom. “And don’t even think about following us,” she yelled to Oda.
“What’s wrong?” Michael asked when they were alone.
“Listen to me,” Bristol said as she looked him in the eye. “Never turn out like that man: he’s not a good person. He’s an entitled monster, and he hurts people for the fun of it. I know you want us to be friends, but I don’t trust him. I don’t think you should spend much time with him either.”
Michael blinked. “Okay,” he said slowly. “But…what if he changes?”
Bristol shrugged. “I don’t think he will, but we can worry about that later,” she said. “Just…be careful.”
“Okay,” Michael said again.
“You stink,” Bristol said, changing the subject. “Go have a bath.”