The Boy in the Woods: Part 15

by bdhesse

Motorcycle ride

Michael yawned as he walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom across the hall from Bristol’s. He made his way across the room and curled up in his bed. The last thing he heard before falling asleep was the showing being turned on.
A shriek coming from the bathroom startled him awake some time after he had fallen asleep. He threw himself out of bed and ran towards the noise.
Oda was hurrying up the stairs when he ran past.
Michael reached the bathroom seconds before Oda. They threw themselves into the room to see Bristol, who was half dressed after her shower, with a knife to her throat. The man from the foest was behind her.
“It’s about time you two show up,” he said with a smirk.
“What do you want?” Michael demanded. “Why don’t you just leave us alone?”
“You stole my bike,” the man said. “You’re going to pay for that.”
“Where’s the woman?” Oda demanded as he looked around.
The man smirked again. “She’s…around,” he replied.
“Wh…what do you w…want?” Bristol cried. “W…we don’t have any m…money.”
The man looked Bristol up and down. “Are you sure about that, hunny?” he asked. “You look pretty well off to me.”
“She’s not lying,” Oda said. “We aren’t exactly living in the lap of luxury out here.”
The man looked around the cabin. “You’re doing pretty good from what I can see,” he said. “I’ve gotta make a living you know.”
“Why don’t you try getting a job?” Bristol cried angrily.
“Shut up,” the man spat. “Do you think I chose this life? My friend and I didn’t choose to be outlaws. Society drove us here.”
“Why not just live off the land?” Michael asked. “That’s what my grandpa and I did.”
The man snorted. “I’m not a hermit,” he cried. “I’m just down on my luck.”
“Let us help you,” Oda said. “We don’t have any money, but we can give you your bikes back. And we can give you some food too.”
“How ’bout you tell us why you’re out here?” the man said. “What drove you to our desert home?”
Oda raised an eyebrow. “It wasn’t riches if that’s what you’re thinking,” he said. “The girl’s trying to do some sort of science experiment.”
“Science?” the man spat. “You’re here for science?”
“What’s wrong with science?” Bristol asked.
“Nothin’,” a woman’s voice said from behind Oda.
Oda whirled around to face the woman, but Michael continued to face the man.
“Just can’t get rich off it,” the woman concluded. “Tell ya what: you give us this cabin, and we’ll call it even.”
“You can’t take my cabin,” Oda spat. “Why don’t you leave before me and the kid make you?”
“Why don’t I slit this girls pretty little throat?” the man replied.
“Go ahead, she’s annoying anyway,” Oda said.
“Hey!” Bristol cried.
“But you won’t,” Oda continued. “You’re not a murderer. You’re just someone looking to make a quick buck.”
“And I suppose you’re mister honest livin’,” the woman said as she looked Oda up and down. “I think I know you. You go to Whitemont High?”
Oda raised an eyebrow. “Maybe,” he said. “But there’s no way you went there: I would have noticed someone as pretty as you.”
“Oh, you knew me,” the woman said. “You just didn’t think I was all that pretty back then.”
Oda titled his head to the side. “Who are you?” he asked.
“That’s none of your concern,” the woman said. “Now give us the cabin.”
“Where will we sleep if you take our beds?” Michael asked.
“What makes you think I care?” the woman asked.
“You shouldn’t steal!” Michael cried. “It’s not nice!” He grabbed a hairbrush from the counter and threw it at the man’s head.
Oda rushed at the woman while she was distracted.
The man flinched, moving his arm partially away from Bristol’s neck.
Bristol stomped down on the man’s foot and ran towards Michael. “What now?” she asked.
“Now we convince these thieves to leave us alone,” Oda cried.
“That’ll be easy,” Michael said. He kicked the man, who was still favouring his foot, hard in the chest. He stumbled back into the bathroom’s window hard. The window was still open from the man’s entrance, so he tumbled out of it and fell to the ground a story below.
“Yaro!” the woman cried. She ran out of the room and down the stairs.
Oda, Michael, and Bristol looked out the window. The woman burst out the door and ran to Yaro’s side.
Yaro turned over and slowly pushed himself to his feet. “I’m fine,” he snarled. “Get the bikes.”
The woman hurried over to the two motorcycles and pushed one over to Yaro. He climbed on and started the bike. The woman ran back to the other bike and started it.
Yaro looked up at the three still watching them. “Don’t think we won’t be back,” he snarled before driving off after the woman.
Bristol sighed. “Now what?” she asked.
“Now we sleep,” Oda replied.
Michael and Bristol stared at Oda as he shrugged and left the bathroom.