The Boy in the Woods: Part 16

by bdhesse


“This is disgraceful,” Bristol announced as she walked into the kitchen the next morning.
“What is?” Michael asked.
Bristol looked down at herself and made a face. “Look at me,” she said. “Even after showering I look filthy. These clothes will not do.”
“Are we going to get to the city soon?” Michael asked. “You can change there.”
Bristol sighed. “We would be in the city already if we didn’t keep getting sidetracked,” she said as she sat down hard next to Michael. “Those thieves chased us off course, and they took their bikes back. It’ll take us days just to get back to where we were, and then it’ll take us a few more days to get to the city.”
“So it’ll take us even longer to get there?” Michael whined.
“Quit your griping,” Oda said as he entered the room. “There’s a town not far from here. We’ll head there and pick up a few supplies.”
“With what money?” Bristol asked.
Oda grinned at her. “That’s my secret,” he said.
Bristol raised an eyebrow at Oda. “I don’t think I should trust you,” she said.
“Relax girl,” Oda replied. “Do you want clean clothes or not?”
Bristol thought for a moment. “Yes,” she said finally. “How far are we from the town?”
“About half a day’s walk,” Oda replied. “I figure we’ll get there, rent a room, grab some food, and pick up our supplies the next day. If we’re lucky, we might even be able to catch a ride into the city.”
“Let’s go!” Michael cried, jumping out of his seat.
“What’s the hurry, kid?” Oda asked. “Aren’t you enjoying our little journey?”
Michael giggled. “Of course I am,” he said. “This is fun. That’s why I wanna keep going.”
“Are you going to be disappointed when we get to the city?” Bristol asked Michael with concern.
“No,” Michael replied. “Then I get to start a new journey.”
Bristol laughed as she began to walk out of the cabin.
“Look out!” Oda cried. He dived into Bristol, knocking her to the ground hard.
As they hit the ground, a rocket flew through the door inches over Michael’s head. Michael dived to the ground beside Oda.
An explosion erupted where the rocket hit and sent debris flying everywhere. When the dust settled, the three stood up to look at what had been the cabin.
Bristol’s face went pale. Oda’s turned bright red. Michael simply stared at the stared at the damage in shock.
“You missed,” a man’s voice said behind them.
They turned around to see Yaro and the woman.
“What the hell is your problem?” Oda cried. “Why do you keep harassing us? Just leave us alone.”
The woman chuckled. “I don’t think we will,” she said. “See, you’ve made yourselves our enemies. Now we intend to destroy you.”
“But why?” Michael asked.
The woman shrugged. “Why not?” she replied.
“So you’re just going to follow us for no better reason than to harass us?” Bristol asked.
“Not quite,” the woman replied. “We’re going to follow you until we’ve destroyed you.” She turned and walked back into the tree line without another word. Yaro followed her.
The three stared into the trees until they were sure the thieves had gone.
“What the hell?” Bristol cried. “What’s wrong with them?”
Oda shrugged. “I wish I knew,” he replied. “Those two make no sense.”
“Are we going to go now?” Michael whined.
Bristol looked down at him and sighed. “Well there’s no point staying here,” she replied.
They began to follow Oda towards the town.