The Boy in the Woods: Part 17

by bdhesse


“What is this place?” Bristol asked as they entered the town.
Oda looked around, confused. “I don’t know,” he replied. “This is where White Rock was, but this is not the town I remember.”
The town was dark. It was late in the day, but the sun hadn’t even began to set yet, however, even the sky seemed grow dark as soon as they crossed into the town.
“This place is weird,” Michael said. He looked down at the hard-packed dirt road. “They don’t even have paved roads.”
The three of them walked deeper into the town. They were surrounded by houses with thatched roofs. There wasn’t a single building that was higher than one story, and it didn’t look like there were any businesses or shopping malls around.
“What is this place supposed to look like?” Bristol asked Oda as a man road passed them on a horse.
“It’s supposed to look…modern,” Oda replied. “This place looks like we fell into the dark ages.”
Bristol nodded her agreement.
“How is that possible?” Michael asked.
Oda shrugged. “Don’t look at me,” he said. “I can’t time travel.”
“Nobody can,” Bristol scoffed. “Time travel is impossible.”
“Says who?” Oda demanded.
Bristol turned to him angrily. “Says science!” she snapped. “If we could time travel, we’d already be able to do it.”
Oda snorted and walked forward. He looked around until he noticed some people talking quietly at the corner of a house. He walked over to them quickly.
“Excuse me,” Oda called as he approached the people. “Can you tell me what’s going on here.”
The people turned to look at him suspiciously.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” a tall man in a tattered outfit said. “Everything’s fine. Come on, dear.” He grabbed a short woman around the shoulder and lead her away quickly.
“That was weird,” Michael said from behind Oda.
“Who are you?” a well-muscled man demanded. “Why are you here?”
Bristol gulped. “We just came here to buy some supplies,” she replied. “We’re travellers. We’re trying to get to the city.”
An old woman stepped out from behind the man. “You should go then,” she said. “Get to the city before anyone knows you were here.”
“But what about supplies?” Michael asked. “We don’t have anywhere to sleep, or any food. And Bristol needs new clothes.”
“So do you,” Oda said drily.
“You need to leave,” the woman said. “Quickly.”
“Why?” Oda asked the woman.
She shook her head and hurried away from them. The rest of the people dispersed too.
“Hey!” Michael cried. “Come back!”
“Let’s go,” Bristol said. “We can get supplies somewhere else.”
“Who are you?” a voice demanded behind the three.
The whirled around to see the first bit of technology they had seen in the town. A seven foot tall robot with automatic machine guns on either shoulder stood facing them.
“You are not a citizen,” the robot said. “Who are you?”
“We’re just travellers,” Bristol cried.
“What is your name, foreigner?” the robot demanded.
“B…Bristol,” Bristol replied.
“Your full name, foreigner,” the robot said.
“P…Patterson,” Bristol said. “Bristol Patterson.”
The robot turned to Oda. “What is your name, foreigner?” it said.
“None of your damn business,” Oda spat.
The robot readied it’s gun at Oda. “Your name, foreigner,” it demanded.
“Oda, tell it your name,” Bristol cried. “Please.”
Oda sighed. “Sato Oda,” he said.
The robot lowered its gun and looked down at Michael. “What is your name, foreigner,” it said.
Michael gulped. “Michael Fujita,” he replied.
“Why have you entered this land?” the robot demanded of them.
“We just came to get some supplies,” Bristol said.
A large rock slammed into the back of the robot before it could reply. The robot turned around and scanned the area.
Michael looked around the robot and saw a young girl facing the machine. She looked to be about the same age as Michael. She wore a dirty dress that went down to her ankles Her black hair was very short and her dark skin was covered in a layer of dust.
The robot aimed its guns at the girl. “Palesa Igwe,” it said. “You have threatened the peace of this great land. You will now be eliminated.”
A man jumped in front of the girl before the robot could shoot. “No!” he cried. “Please, she’s just a child.”
“Abeeku Igwe,” the robot said. “Your daughter has threatened the peace of this land. She must be eliminated.”
“No!” Abeeku cried. “Take me in her place.”
The robot raised its gun to Abeeku’s head and shot. The man collapsed to the ground, dead. The girl screamed.
The robot turned back to Bristol. “Leave now, foreigners,” it said before walking away.