A Note to All Haters

by bdhesse

So I checked my e-mail today to see this e-mail: “does your ‘interfaith’ include islam because if it does you need to stay off my page. i dont give a rats ass if your gay straight queer whatever.. but if you tolerate mohamed anything stay of my page.” It came from Kelli D Gordon at https://kellidgordonlibertyblog.wordpress.com/. I don’t actually remember following her blog, nor, after looking at her posts, can I conceive of any reason why I would follow her. Nonetheless, she felt the need to e-mail me to spread her bigotry. I was not impressed.

My response was:

“Interfaith is open to everyone. That’s kind of the point: trying to create a world without bigotry like yours. Maybe before judging people, you should learn a bit about them first. Like how to spell Mohammed, or even just learn the difference between your and you’re.

Good luck keeping anybody off the page that you put up on the internet for everybody to see. Let me guess: you’re going to try to defend your censorship and intolerance under the banner of free speech. Maybe you need to learn about freedom while you’re learning about Islam, Interfaith, and basic grammar.

If I want to go onto your page, I will. If I want to read your stupidity, I will. I don’t know why I’d want to, but you have no way to stop me. So why don’t you just fuck off and grow up?”

I’m not a Muslim. I don’t agree with Islam. In fact, I’m an atheist. I do, however, believe that everyone has the right to believe whatever they want so long as their beliefs don’t affect others. Kelli’s beliefs, well, she decided that she should use them to impose on my rights. As such, I’m against her beliefs. I’m also against her beliefs because it’s hate like this that leads people to act violently towards others. She is more likely to terrorize Muslims than they are to terrorize her. As such, she’s more of a concern to me than they are. I have no patients for hatred or bigotry.

Kelli went on to say “i spell it MORE HAM HEAD.. call the grammer police… and name calling?? haha I already won this one. stay off my page and keep your interfaith. anyone who wants me and my family dead is not to be tolerated. if you werent sucha liberal mental midget you would understand some things are not to be tolerated. buh bye.” The stupidity is strong with this one. It’s grammar, not grammer. And what the hell does she think she won? The dim bulb of the year award?

My final response was “You come here and rudely tell me to stay off your page, something that you have no control over, for no better reason than because the scawy Muswims is going to hurt the precious and you think I’m name calling? How cute. Tell me, what Muslim even gives two fucks that your family exists let alone cares enough about them to try and kill you? At what point has your life even been remotely affected by Muslims? Or terrorists? Did one of them try to bomb your home? Did Isis fly a plane over your home to drop bombs on it? Did they go into your school? Because I’m pretty sure that’s only something that the American soldiers have been doing.

I’m no liberal. I’m a socialist. Not that your American brain could even comprehend the difference. Take your inbred conservatism and shove it.”

There’s a few things you should keep in mind before e-mailing me such stupidity:

1) I am not an American. I don’t care about the American fear of liberalism. And I don’t share the American’s fear of Muslims.

2) I am not patriotic. I don’t give a damn about your nationalism.

3) Yes, I am a socialist. I’d be a communist, since I prefer the communist views, but I don’t think true communism is actually possible.

4) I don’t do well with being told what to do. I’m a contrarian at heart. If you try to tell me to do something, even if I would do it otherwise, I will disregard what you said and I will do what you told me not to do to spite you.

5) I don’t like hate. There’s no such thing as a good reason to hate. And no, Muslims are not terrorists. If you think they are, you’re an idiot. Yes, extremists tend to use terrorism. But Christians are just as likely to be extremists as Muslims are. I don’t care what your religion is. If you’re a good person, you’re a good person. Nothing else matters beyond that.

6) I’m an atheist. I’m an atheist who does Interfaith. If you have a problem with either of that…well, I don’t really care. Make of it as you will.

7) I don’t care if you tolerate my LGBT identity. If you’re a bigot, you’re a bigot. End of story.

8) If you don’t like any of that, feel free to ignore my blog and my follows. It’s not like either are very difficult. But do not try to exert some level of control over me that you don’t have. And don’t try to bully me into complying to your wishes. It won’t work.