The Boy in the Woods: Part 20

by bdhesse


“So…what does that mean?” Oda asked Michael when he had finished telling them what he and Palesa had seen. They had left the town to meet the others in the protection of the trees.
Bristol snorted. “Obviously it means that he’s trying to take over the world,” she scoffed.
“How do you figure?” Michael asked.
“Well he’s clearly a power crazed lunatic,” Bristol replied. “And he want to make sure he has all the wishing stones so that nobody else can make any wishes. So he must be planning something big.”
“It didn’t sound like he was planning anything,” Michael said. “He’s just greedy.”
Bristol snorted. “I doubt it,” she said. “He’s probably just smart enough to not tell anyone his plan.”
“Gunther was never a smart man,” Palesa replied. “Michael’s right: he’s just greedy.”
“Well…either way we have to stop him,” Bristol cried.
“And how exactly should we do that?” Oda asked.
“Um…well…fist we should follow that lady and get the stone before she does,” Bristol replied.
“How?” Michael asked. “We never saw what she looked like.”
“Yes we did,” Palesa replied. “She was the soldier who ran across the lawn before we left.”
“Great,” Bristol cried. “Now we just need to figure out where she went.”
Oda scoffed. “She’s long gone,” he said.
“Don’t be so negative,” Bristol cried. “Palesa, do you thing you might know where she went?”
Palesa nodded. “But we should hurry,” she said. “Rain won’t have left yet, but she will soon.” Palesa rushed throw the trees back towards the town. The other three hurried after her.
“Wait up,” Bristol cried as they neared the edge of the town.
The ran into the town and through the streets to the other end of the town.
“Wow,” Michael cried when they got there. They had arrived at an airfield. There were planes everywhere, and large metal buildings too. A number of the robots were walking back and forth along the tarmac.
“What are we doing here?” Oda asked Palesa.
Palesa rolled her eyes. “What, did you think Rain was going to ride a horse to the wishing stone?” she asked.
“Well…yeah,” Oda replied.
Palesa sighed. “Only the common people are subjected to such things,” she replied.
“So now what?” Michael asked.
“Now we need to get to her plane and figure out where she’s going before she takes off,” Palesa replied.
“That’s great,” Bristol replied. “But how are we going to get to the stone before her?”
Palesa thought for a moment. “Do any of you know how to fly a plane?” she asked.
“That depends,” Bristol replied suspiciously. “Do you know how to get one?”
“She may not, but I do,” Oda replied.
Bristol blinked. “You can’t steal a plane,” she cried.
“Would you rather ask the evil king nicely?” Oda replied sarcastically.
Bristol sighed, defeated.
“Let’s go!” Palesa cried. She quickly ran into the airfield. The others followed behind her.