The Boy in the Woods: Part 21

by bdhesse

Oda flew behind Rain, close enough to track her using the planes radar, but far enough way to make it seem as though he was flying to a different destination. When Rain landed, Oda flew ahead and landed on the other side of a ridge.
“Now what?” Bristol said. “We’re still to far away to beat her to that stone.”
“We don’t know where the stone is yet,” Oda replied. “We’ll let her find it, then we’ll steal it from her.”
“Stealing’s bad,” Michael said.
“So’s enslaving people and taking over the world,” Bristol replied. “In fact, those last two are worse.”
“So we’re just going to steal from that lady?” Michael cried. “What if something bad happens to her?”
“She’s a bad person,” Palesa said to Michael. “I wouldn’t worry too much about her.”
“I don’t like this,” Michael said.
“You don’t have to,” Oda replied. “Come on.” He led the group towards Rain’s plane.
They had walked a great distance when they stumbled upon an old cabin.
“She can’t have landed too far from here,” Oda said. “Come on.”
The group walked towards the cabin on their way to the woods on the other side. As they moved passed a window, Michael looked inside. He blinked as he saw a young boy inside bowing down to small purple stone. The boy stood up and spoke to the stone as Michael watched.
Michael waved frantically to get the others’ attention, then he pointed at the window.
“What is it?” Oda asked as he stormed back impatiently.
Michael put his finger to his lips and pointed at the window.
Oda looked inside. The boy had left the room, but the wishing stone was still there. “This is going to be easier than I thought,” Oda whispered. “All we have to do is break in and steal the stone.”
“Now you want to steal from a little boy?” Michael cried.
Oda rolled his eyes. “He’s either going to be robbed by us or by that lady,” he said. “Which do you think would be better?”
Michael sighed. “Neither,” he said.
As they argued, they heard the cabin door open and close around the corner. They looked inside to see that the wishing stone was gone.
“Crap,” Oda said. They peered around the corner to see the boy walking into the woods. “Come on,” he said. “We need to follow him.”
They followed behind the boy as quietly as possible. Eventually he arrived at a near by lake. The boy looked around for a moment, then pulled a make-shift fishing line out from a hiding place. He sat down and began to fish while the group watched.
“Now what?” Michael whispered.
“Now we surround him and get that stone,” Oda replied.
“Why don’t we just ask him nicely?” Palesa replied.
“Are you kidding me?” Oda scoffed. “He took it fishing with him. He’s not just going to give it up.”
“It can’t hurt to ask,” Michael replied. Before Oda could reply, Michael hopped out of his hiding place and ran over to the boy. “Hi,” he said to get the boys attention. “My name’s Michael, what’s yours?”
The boy looked over at Michael, startled. “I’m Geoffrey,” the boy said timidly. “What are you doing here?”
Michael pointed to Oda’s hiding place. “My friends and I found your home while we were looking for someone. We saw your wishing stone through the window. Did you kno that someone was coming to steal it from you?”
Geoffrey shook his head. “What’s a wishing stone?” he asked.
“That’s what the purple rock you were praying to is called,” Michael replied.
“Purple…you mean my grandpa?” Geoffrey asked.
“Your grandpa?” Michael asked.
“Mm hmm,” Geoffrey said, nodding. “I found my grandpa holding it when he died. He protects me now.”
“Oh my god,” Bristol said, coming over. “And I thought you were naive, Michael. That’s not your grandpa, kid. It’s a wishing stone. It gives you good luck.”
Geoffrey blinked up at her. “But…why would someone want to steal my good luck?” he asked.
Bristol thought for a moment. “That’s hard to explain,” she replied. “Let’s see…well, there’s this greedy man who wants all of the wishing stones so that he can make a wish. The more stones you have, the more powerful they are. If you have enough, you can make wishes. This man…he wants to rule the world.”
“Why are you telling me this?” Geoffrey asked.
“We want to trade you,” Michael said. “We’re trying to stop the man from getting the stones. If you trade us, we can take the stone somewhere safe and nobody will come to steal from you.”
“How do I know you’re not the thieves?” Geoffrey demanded.
As he spoke, a whistling sound sped towards them. They looked up to see a long, round hunk of metal crash into the lake with a splash. They looked at where the missile had come from and saw Rain loading another one into a rocket launcher on top of a ridge.
“Now do you believe us?” Bristol cried. “Come on!” The three of them ran into the hiding place where Palesa and Oda were waiting.
“Let’s get back to the plane,” Oda cried. The five of them ran through the woods towards the plane they had abandoned.