The Boy in the Woods: Part 22

by bdhesse

As they ran, they found themselves next to a highway.
“Shit!” Oda cried. “We must have made a wrong turn.”
“Where’s the plane?” Bristol cried.
“How should I know?” Oda yelled.
“You were leading us!” Bristol screamed.
As they fought, Geoffrey wondered into the middle of the road. “What is this?” he asked as he jumped up and down on the pavement.
“Why couldn’t you remember where the plane was?” Oda yelled at Bristol, ignoring Geoffrey.
“Me?” Bristol cried. “I didn’t land the damn thing!”
“But you were ridding in it,” Oda replied.
“Geoffrey, look out!” Michael cried as he noticed Geoffrey still jumping in the middle of the road and a car ploughing towards him. Michael reached out towards the car and stopped it like he had Bristol’s.
“Monster!” Geoffrey cried as the car slammed to a stop in front of him.
A teenage girl with long blond hair and a summer dress climbed out of the driver side door. “What the hell?” she cried.
“What do you mean ‘what the hell’?” Bristol replied. “Were you paying any attention to the road?”
The girl scoffed. “Like I was supposed to know that there would be a child jumping up and down in the middle of the road?” she said. “As if.”
“Go away monster!” Geoffrey yelled at the car. “No eating girls!”
“Geoffrey, shh,” Bristol said to the boy. “No,” she said turning to the girl. “But other people do use these roads, you know. What if you hit another vehicle? Or a deer?”
The girl scoffed again. “Do you see any deer?” she sneered.
“Die!” Geoffrey cried suddenly. He jumped up and smacked the car hard with his make-shift fishing rod.
“What the hell, you little brat?” the girl shrieked. “Leave my car alone.”
Geoffrey blinked up at the girl. “But it was trying to eat you,” he said.
“Are you insane?” the girl cried. “My car was not trying to eat me! It’s a car!”
Geoffrey looked at the girl blankly.
The girl was about to start yelling at him again when a plane sped over top of them.
“It’s Rain,” Oda cried. “Come on!”
They began to run back the way they came as the plane turned around and came back towards them. The girl yelled after them, but her words were lost to a loud bang.
They turned around long enough to see the girl running toward them, screaming loudly.
“They’re trying to kill me!” she screamed as she caught up with them.
The ever growing group ran quickly in the direction they thought the plane was in. Thanks to the tree cover, Rain flew overhead, but didn’t shoot at them.
After about 15 minutes, they finally stumbled into the clearing where the plane had been hidden, but they were too late. Rain had discovered their plane and had used it for target practise. She was still circling the area, looking for them.
“Now what?” Bristol cried.
“We could go back to my house,” Geoffrey suggested.
“She knows where you live,” Oda replied. “She’ll find us there.”
Geoffrey thought for a moment. “Well…we need supplies,” he said. “We could just go back to grab a few things.”
“That’s a great idea!” Michael cried.
“What about your parents?” Bristol asked Geoffrey.
“I don’t have any,” Geoffrey replied.
“Really?” Bristol said. “You lived there all by yourself?”
“Yup,” Geoffrey replied.
“Hey, I used to live on my own too!” Michael cried.
“You did?” Geoffrey asked. “Did the monster kill your family too?”
“You can share your life stories later,” Oda cried. “We don’t have time for this.”
The girl whimpered. “We’re all going to die and I’ve never even had a boyfriend,” she whispered.
“Who cares about that?” Bristol cried. “Come on.” She grabbed the girl’s sleeve and began to drag her towards Geoffrey’s house. The others followed them.