The Boy in the Woods: Part 23

by bdhesse

“Grab what you can and let’s go,” Oda said when they got back to Geoffrey’s house. They all ran inside and began to look for anything useful.
“Ew,” the girl said as she dug through the dressers in one of the bedrooms. “Isn’t there anything fashionable in here?”
“Quit whining and just take anything that will be useful,” Bristol replied.
“Useful for what?” the girl cried. “Rags?”
“Let me put it this way: we don’t know where we’ll be sleeping tonight,” Oda said coldly.
“Ew,” the girl cried. “I am not sleeping on some cold, hard ground.”
“You could always go back out there and take your chances with Rain,” Oda replied.
“No way,” the girl scoffed. “She’s psycho!”
“Then shut up and pack,” Oda said.
The girl sighed and went back to digging through the clothes in silence.
“Will we need money where we’re going?” Geoffrey asked Michael.
“Mm hmm,” Michael replied. “Bristol is always complaining about how much things cost.”
“And we’ll need to get provisions somewhere,” Palesa added. “And eventually we’ll need help stopping the king. That may require money.”
“What’s a king?” Geoffrey asked.
“Somebody who ruled countries a long time ago,” Palesa replied. “But the king I’m referring to is just a greedy old man.”
“Oh,” Geoffrey said. “But why do you want to stop him?”
“He’s evil,” Michael replied. “He killed Palesa’s dad for no reason.”
“He did?” Geoffrey asked. “Are you going to kill him then?”
“No,” Michael said. “Killing’s bad. We’re just going to make sure he can never hurt anybody ever again.”
“How?” Geoffrey asked.
Michael pulled out his own wishing stone. “By keeping him away from these,” he said.
“Hey!” Geoffrey cried, checking on his own stone. “Where’d you get that?”
Michael shrugged. “I got mine from my grandpa to,” he said.
“Oh,” Geoffrey said.
“So…why were you asking about money?” Palesa asked.
“Oh yeah,” Geoffrey replied. “Follow me.” He led Michael and Palesa into the basement. They went into a small room with shelves full of canned goods. In the corner of the room was a small chest. “My grandpa kept this in case of emergency,” he said. He opened the chest to reveal stacks of bills.
“Wow,” Michael and Palesa said together.
“Is that a lot?” Geoffrey asked.
Michael and Palesa both nodded. “There’s got to be thousands of dollars in there,” Palesa replied.
“Let’s take the money to Bristol,” Michael said. “Geoffrey, can you show this food to Oda?”
“Okay,” Geoffrey replied. He ran out of the door quickly.
Michael and Palesa shut the chest and lifted it together. Michael let them up the stairs with the chest. They found Bristol digging through the cupboards in the kitchen.
“Bristol, look,” Michael said, opening the chest.
“Oh my god!” Bristol cried. “Where did you find that?”
“In the basement,” Michael replied.
“Wow,” Bristol said. She took a handful of bills and put them into her pockets. “Each of you, take some money and put it in your pockets,” she ordered them.
Palesa and Michael did as they were told. “Now what?” Palesa asked.
“Michael,” Bristol replied. “Put some money in each of our bags. Palesa, take some and give it to each of the others. That way all our money won’t be in one spot and we’ll all have something in case we get separated.”
Palesa and Michael got to work dealing with the money.
Eventually they had six bags worth of provisions to take with them all sitting in front of the door.
“Everybody take a bag and let’s go,” Bristol said.
“You mean I have to carry something?” the girl cried.
“Of course,” Bristol replied. “You have arms.”
The others each grabbed a bag.
“But I can’t carry that,” the girl complained. “It’s too heavy.”
“You haven’t even tried to lift it yet,” Michael pointed out.
The girl stuck her tongue out at Michael.
“Carry it or we’ll leave you behind,” Oda snapped.
The girl paled and grabbed the bag. They left the house together and began to wonder through the woods.