The Boy in the Woods: Part 25

by bdhesse

A loud noise woke the group up. Michael looked around to see rocks crumbling to the ground from the cracking roof.
“The roof is going to collapse!” he cried.
Bethany screamed loudly.
“Come on,” Bristol and Oda said at the same time. “We need to get out of here,” Bristol finished.
They all ran out of the cave quickly. Once they were outside, they were able to see what had caused the damage.
Rain was standing on the ground looking up at them. She was holding a rocket launcher. “Give me the wishing stone or I will kill you,” she called to them.
“What’s in it for us?” Oda cried back.
“Seriously?” Bristol whispered to him.
“Never mind,” he replied. “Just keep her busy long enough for us to get out of here.”
Rain raised her eyebrow at Oda. “Your life isn’t enough for you?” she said.
Oda laughed. “You can’t do anything to me once I’m dead,” he replied. “And I’m not dumb enough to keep that stone anywhere you can find it without my help.”
Rain scowled and pointed the rocket launcher at him. “Tell me where the stone is,” she demanded.
As Oda and Rain bickered, the group slowly inched towards the woods. Rain ignored them.
“Why should I?” Oda said mockingly. “If I do, you’ll only kill me because I’m not needed anymore.”
Rain shrugged. “Have it your way,” she replied. She put down the rocket launcher and pulled out a pistol. She pointed it at Oda and began walking forward.
“Now!” Oda cried when she was half way between him and the rocket launcher.
The group ran into the woods quickly. Oda followed slightly behind them. They could hear Rain firing her weapon and swearing, but they got well into the woods before she could shoot anyone.
They continued running until they couldn’t hear Rain anymore.
“Now what?” Bristol asked.
“I want to go home!” Bethany cried. “Take me home!”
“And risk letting that psycho near your family?” Oda replied. “I don’t think so.”
Bethany blinked up at him through tear-filled eyes.
“Oda’s right,” Bristol replied. “We need to get rid of that woman and her crazy king before we can take you home.”
“What about me?” Geoffrey asked. “When can I go home?”
Bristol looked down at him sadly. “You can’t go home,” she said. “You’re too young to live on your own.”
“What about me?” Michael replied. “I’ve been living on my own for a while.”
“Neither of you will be living alone from now on,” Bristol replied.
“Then where will we live?” Geoffrey asked.
“I don’t know yet,” Bristol replied. “But we’ll figure something out.”
As they stood there talking, they could hear a motor coming close to them fast.
“Hide!” Oda cried.
They all began to run and dive behind trees and into bushes. But Rain had seen them and had started shooting at them before they could get fully hidden.
Michael grabbed a rock and jumped out from behind the bush he was hiding in. He threw the rock as hard as he could and hit the side of the plane. The rock went right through the metal, causing a hole to form. He picked up another rock and threw it too. It smashed into the wing, creating another hole. A third rock hit the plane’s engine. Rain had begun to fly away when the third rock hit. When it fell out of the sky, the plane was far away from the group. However, they could see a pillar of smoke making it’s way up to the sky.
“Why didn’t you do that sooner?” Oda cried.
Michael shrugged. “I didn’t know I could,” he replied.
Oda huffed.
“Come on,” Bristol cried. “We need to find a place we can get supplies. Then we need to get back to that town and stop that psycho king.”