The Boy in the Woods: Part 26

by bdhesse

Michael and Bristol entered a small town while the others waited in a field outside. After the incident in the last town, they wanted to check this town out first.
“Do you think we can get food while we’re here?” Michael asked. “I’m hungry.”
“No,” Bristol replied. “First we need to see if this place is safe.” They walked slowly through the town, but they saw no one. “Is this place deserted?” Bristol asked as they walked by a row of what appeared to be abandoned houses. They got to the other end of town and looked at each other.
Michael shrugged. “Oh well,” he said. “I guess we could hunt tonight.” They began to walk back towards the other end of town.
As they neared the edge of town, they heard a high-pitched scream. They got through the last row of houses to see Oda, Bethany, Palesa, and Geoffrey running towards them. Following a short distance behind them was what appeared to be a dinosaur.
“What the hell?” Bristol cried.
“Over here!” Michael cried to their group.
The group headed towards Michael and Bristol as the monster continued to follow them.
“Are you insane?” Bristol cried. “Don’t attract that monster to us!”
“Get inside one of the houses,” Michael ordered. “Get into the basement.”
“What?” Bristol asked.
“Just do it!” Michael cried.
Bristol hurried off into the nearest house. Michael followed her towards the house, but stayed where his friends could see him.
After what seemed like ages, they finally reached Michael. “Get into that blue house, there,” he pointed as they approached him.
Bethany and Palesa ran ahead of Michael and into the house. Oda grabbed Michael and carried him into the house with him. Geoffrey was the last one to enter the house.
The group hurried into the basement in time to hear the monster slam into the side of the house.
They stopped when they saw an old couple huddled into the basement. Bristol looked as though she had been arguing with the man.
“No, no,” the man said as the monster slammed into the house. “Why did you bring him here? Don’t you know we’re all dead?”
“Why would we be dead?” Michael asked.
“That thing is going to kill us!” the old man hollered at Michael.
Oda glared at the man. “If you knew that monster was out there, why didn’t you deal with it rather than allowing it to torment innocent travellers?” he demanded.
“What was I going to do?” the old man asked. “I’m just an old man.”
“But you had a whole town behind you,” Oda replied. “Surely a hundred people can defeat one dinosaur.”
The man blinked up at Oda. “There was nothing we could do,” he replied. “The beast kept picking us off one at a time.”
“It’s called a plan, idiot!” Oda cried.
“That’s enough!” Bristol yelled at Oda. “Leave him alone.”
Oda glared at Bristol. “Why should I?” he demanded. “Now I have to clean up this idiot’s mess.”
“How?” Palesa asked. “How are we going to beat a dinosaur?”
Oda grinned. “I have my ways,” he said. He looked at Bristol. “At least, I do if you let me.”
Bristol sucked in some breath. “Fine,” she said. “I don’t seem to have any other choice.”
“I’ll help,” Michael relpied.
“Me too,” Geoffrey added.
“We’ll all help,” Bristol replied. “What’s our plan?”
“Michael and I are the brawn,” Oda said with a shrug. “We’ll fight the thing. But we need to get it away from the town first.”
“How?” Bethany demanded.
“I have an idea,” Bristol replied. “Palesa and Geoffrey can help me build something to get rid of the beast.” She turned to the old couple. “Do you happen to have any tools I can use for building? And any scraps that I can use?”
The old man nodded and pointed to a corner. “My tools are over there,” he said. “You’re welcome to use whatever you want if it will get rid of that monster.”
Bristol smiled at him. “Thank you,” she replied. “Come on,” she said to Geoffrey and Palesa. “Lets get to work.”
“What will I do?” Bethany asked.
Bristol looked over at her. “You’ll have to go with Oda and Michael,” she said. “You don’t have to fight, but get some medical supplies from this lady just in case they need it.”
Bethany looked over at the old lady.
“Upstairs,” the lady said. “First door on the right.”
Bethany hurried up the stairs to get the supplies. Bristol, Palesa, and Geoffrey followed close behind her.
“Now what?” Michael asked.
“Now we wait until it’s time to fight,” Oda said, laying down on the floor.