On Writing Advise

by bdhesse

We all know the writing advise that goes around. For the most part, it’s always the same: write every day, bad writing is better than know writing, read a lot, watch movies, show don’t tell, etc. But what about when that advise isn’t possible? What about when you just can’t do it?

I can’t just make myself write. I’ve tried, but I get about six words out, then I erase it and write six different words only to erase that. The more I try to push myself, the more frustrated I get. I end up unable to even put six words on paper. In the end, I have nothing written. Is that really better than waiting until I have something to write? It seems silly to frustrate yourself and risk losing your interest in writing when you could just give yourself a day off.

Stephen King says he makes himself write 2000 words a day. But he also publishes numerous novels a year. Most authors only publish one book a year. Some don’t even do that much. George R. R. Martin is a well-known and loved author, but he’s been writing the latest Game of Thrones novel for years. So why are we told that our success lies in our ability to write everyday, even if it’s crap?

Personally, I’ve been struggling with my writing lately. I want to keep trying to get published. I have an entire plan set up for May-August, but I can’t even get myself to care about writing. I’ve been having a hard enough time caring about life in general. Right now I need to worry about my mental health, but I really want to write too. I miss my passion for writing. So what happens when the writing advise doesn’t work?