I Love the Smell of Books in the Morning

by bdhesse

Today was a great day. There is a huge used book sale that takes place annually in my city. They have over a million used books between $3 and $5 a piece. The sale began today, so my fiance and I dragged a large suitcase to it and loaded up on books. We ended up purchasing 44 books. Used book sales are great because they are significantly cheaper than going to a book store, and you can generally find books that you can’t find anywhere else. I managed to get a bunch of books by Isaac Asimov, including most of the Foundation series, a few Dune books, two Terry Pratchett books, which was unfortunately all they had, and a selection of other sci fi and fantasy novels. I also got a selection of Christian books since I have strange hobbies. We’re thinking about going back tomorrow evening to see if they have the remaining books on even cheaper. If so, we’ll probably fill another suitcase.