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Month: June, 2015

Who Cares If Artists Are Liberal?

The other day my fiance and I were talking about how artists tend to be liberal. I seem to keep coming across comments along the lines of “look, this writer/artist/actor is a conservative Christian, isn’t that wonderful?” It has gotten me thinking about the trends that different groups tend to follow. I doubt many people would be surprised by my saying that artists tend to be more liberal than not. It’s pretty much expected. But I don’t understand the comments of “look, this person is conservative.” Of course there are conservative artists! It would be weird if there weren’t any. Artists tend to be liberal because of the type of personality that is generally attracted to the arts. Artists tend to be more empathetic and emotional, two traits that make it very easy to be more left-leaning. I myself am a very left-leaning person. But that doesn’t mean that artists can’t be more right-leaning.
Likewise, artists tend to be somewhat religious. I think the same personality that leads artists to be more left-leaning also leads artists to be more religious. I myself am not religious, and I’m not the only not religious artist out there. Again, it would be weird if I was.
Does it matter if artists/writers/actors tend to be more left-leaning?
Does it matter when artists/writers/actors defy this norm?
Should attention be drawn to artists/writers/actors who defy the norm?

An Update

I have been very busy with work and writing lately, but I thought I’d give you an update. I have signed up for Scribophile under Matthew Hess, under BD Hesse, and Writer’s Cafe also under BD Hesse, so anyone with accounts at any of thos sites can feel free to find me there.
Eventually I’m hoping to get back to my The Boy in the Woods story, but my first priority is trying to get a short story published. I also want to go over some of my other stories and edit them, but that will be done after I finish The Boy in the Woods.
In the meantime, I will try to post more regularily.

On the Editor Dilemma

As every writer knows, you never want to submit work that isn’t your best. As such, editing is a big part of writing. But how does one go about getting the editing process completed. I generally just edit my own work since I can’t afford to pay an editor and I can’t seem to motivate anybody in my life to help me. But editing my own work isn’t good enough. Obviously I need to do a good portion of my own editing, but I also need a fresh pair of eyes to read my story. I’m not always going to know if something doesn’t make sense. The story is in my head, so I know what I mean when I make a statement, and I know what is happening. But does everybody else? I might also not notice when I spell a name two different ways or use the wrong word. So I need somebody else to help me.
But how do I get somebody else to help me when I can’t afford to pay them and can’t motivate anybody I know to help me? I’m thinking about joining one of those writing websites that allow authors to publish work to be reviewed but offers protection against stealing. The problem is, all the ones I know of cost money.
I guess I’ll figure something out. After all, I do want to get something published sooner rather than later.

Contemplations On Life

Have you ever found yourself suddenly shifting the majority of your goals all at once? I feel like that is what I’ve been doing lately. I still want to write. I still want to get published. But I feel like a lot of my other goals are suddenly far different that they had been even just a month ago.
When I began university, I wanted to get my doctorate in History. I wanted to become a Historian and get my work published in academic journals. I wanted to work mostly in the field, but teach at a university too. That was my goal years ago.
That goal didn’t change until around 2-3 years ago (I’ve been in university for a long time). I began to consider adding Philosophy as a second major, which I ended up doing. My goal at that time was still to get my PhD, but now I was considering something a bit different. I didn’t know if I’d get my PhD in History or Philosophy, I did, however, want to get a masters degree in which ever one I didn’t get my PhD in. I very much wanted to be an academic. Then my now fiance rekindled my interest in writing fiction.
For the last two years I have wanted nothing more than to become a published fiction writer. I have wanted to write fantasy, but also other genres, and make a living off that. And I completely lost my interest in academia. Actually, for the last year I had lost my interest in school all together. Not only did I not want to persue a PhD, I didn’t even want to persue my studies. I just wanted to write. I just wanted to get something published. And that is still my main goal.
But there was a problem: what would I do other than write? Few people manage to make writing their sole career. Writing doesn’t pay that well, so most writers have a “day job.” But I had no idea what I wanted my day job to be. But I recently got a job at a bookstore (does anybody know how to keep one’s self from spending an entire paycheck on books when temptation lies around every corner? I have bills to pay!), and I met a teacher while interviewing for the position. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about teaching and I finally figured out what I want my day job to be: I want to be a teacher! This revelation struck me because I was initially going to go into education when I began at university but I decided last minute that I actually had no interest in teaching. Now I’ve decided that I actually do want to teach. In fact, I want to teach young children. I’ve even been going on to various university websites to see what they offer. Crap, now I’m looking at more schooling and another degree. And the program I’m most interested in only offers a four year option. Oh well, at least I’ve regained my interest in school and learning. But I couldn’t I have figured out that I wanted to write fiction and teach all those years ago when I first began my university career? Why did I have to figure out what I really wanted when my degree is nearly done? Then again, if I hadn’t figured it out now, I would be in a completely different place in my life, and I like where I am now.

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